Comcast Xfinity Compatible Modems (2019 List)

Too often internet providers rope their subscribers into renting a modem from them directly, discouraging them to purchase their own.

Comcast Xfinity cable internet is no exception. They will happily rent you a modem for a monthly fee of $10, while you could be choosing from an array of Xfinity compatible modems for yourself.

The issue is that renting a modem is not only costly, but it is not going to get you all of the features that you might need from your modem. Their generic modems do not take into account your house size or even your network size, setting you up for lags in speed and overall frustrated users.

Do not worry, however. It is easy to get your own Comcast compatible modem, when you know what the benefits are.

Reasons To Get Your Own Xfinity Approved Modem

Comcast Xfinity Compatible Modems

​Eliminate Rental Fees

There is no reason to pay rental fees to Comcast for a modem, when you can own one. Comcast charges $10 a month in rental fees, which quickly adds up to $120 a year. You can easily buy a modem for the same price and get all of the features that you want.

Better Performance

The modem that Comcast supplies might have all that you might think that you want from a modem. But really, you will have far better performance when you are able to choose your own modem. You can take into account what you do online and how many users are on your network at any given time.

Extended Coverage

The amount of coverage you need from your modem depends on your living space and the amount of devices that you have connected to it. ​Best modem router combos are built with the intention of having an extended network, having a range that can go through walls and reach every corner of your house.

Modem Router Combo vs Separate Units For Xfinity

When it comes to choosing an Xfinity compatible modem, you will come to the question of whether you should buy a modem/router combo or if you should buy the units separately.

Ultimately it is better to get a combination modem/router than having two separate units

  • Easier to set up: You will only be connecting one unit, not setting two up separately.
  • Lower price tag: You will not have to pay for two separate units.
  • Takes up less space: You will not have to make room for another unit.
  • One unit to update: Instead of keeping track of what firmware has been updated for two units, you only need to worry about one.

How To Set Up Your Comcast Xfinity Modem (Router)

  • To set up your new Comcast modem with a built-in router, you should first plug the modem into the power outlet.
  • Next, plug the coaxial cable from the modem to the cable outlet in your wall.
  • Then connect the Ethernet cable from your modem to your computer.
  • Once all of the power lights are on, you will need to log into your modem. You do this by going to a browser on your computer and typing in the location indicated on your modem’s packaging.
  • Most modems will have a set up wizard to help guide you through customizing your settings and making sure your modem is up and running.

3 Best Comcast Compatible Modems Of 2019





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1. Motorola MG7550

Editor's Choice

1900 Mbps

4 Ports


2. Netgear C7500

High Performance

3200 Mbps

4 Ports


3. Motorola MB7420

Budget Friendly
(Modem Only)

686 Mbps

1 Port


1. Motorola MG7550 Modem Router Combo

Best Comcast Approved Modem (Editor's Choice)

Our choice for the best Comcast compatible modem is the Motorola MG7550. This is a dual-band modem with a built-in router.

The modem router has a high-speed router with AC1900 WiFi and Power Boost, providing internet for all of your wireless devices. The Power Boost is a high performance feature that uses power amplifies to extend the signal further. The MG7550 uses both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies to focus the signal to improve your performance as well as your range.

The modem has four Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, which will ensure a strong connection for streaming videos or gaming online. This is a 16x4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, ensuring you have the latest technology.

Ultimately, you will get a stable, long range signal that will allow you to stream videos online without any buffering or interruptions. Using the MG7550 is the right step towards future proofing your home, and this modem router combo should be able to handle higher speeds as they become available.

2. Netgear C7500-100NAS Nighthawk 

High Performance

For those of you who are looking for a higher performance Xfinity approved modem router, look no further than the Netgear C7500-100NAS Nighthawk. This is a three-in-one modem, with a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, an AC3200 WiFi router, and a 4 Gigabit wired switch.

TheC7500 is a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, which provides 24 times faster download speeds than its predecessor, making it easy to stream high quality videos without buffering. Really, this modem is ideal of streaming 4K HD videos because it has a high download speed. This can be especially useful for online gamers where buffering can be extremely detrimental to their game.

This is a dual-band router, so you will get both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands to connect your devices from. The 24x8 channel bonding eliminates congestion along your network when multiple wireless devices are using it at the same time. The Nighthawk C7500 is specifically built to handle multiple high-speed streaming wireless users at the same time.

3. Motorola MB7420 Cable Modem

Budget Friendly

If you are looking for a Comcast compatible modem that is lighter on the wallet or a modem that does not have a router, the Motorola MB 7420 is an excellent choice.

The biggest downside for some users is that it does not have a router, so you would need to purchase it separately. As far as the modem itself goes, it is a 16x4 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem that provides speeds up to 686Mbps. When a device is attached directly into this modem, it will have incredible speeds.

The Gigabit Ethernet LAN port will allow you to connect a router directly to it, if you would like, otherwise, you can wire it directly to your gaming console or an HD television.

The set up on this modem is quick and easy, with a built in set up wizard that will be able to guide you through the set up steps.

Comcast Xfinity Compatible Modems List 2019

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