How To

How To Install & Activate Your Own Compatible Modem

It’s Fast & Easy… 2 Simple Steps

Hopefully by now you have seen the updated 2016 list of the best approved modems at the best prices for your provider. Remember, these modems are hand-picked, top of the line, and are the most reliable modems when it comes to high speed internet service. So when you purchase one for yourself you should have no need for any future tech support phone calls (because calling the cable company is always so much fun).

Step #1- Buy Your Own Approved Modem

Browse through your provider’s modem page and select the best approved modem to purchase for yourself. We have listed the best new 2016 options at the top. I would suggest purchasing the new Netgear CM600 because it is a brand new gigabit modem that packs unbelievable value for a very reasonable price. Check It Out Here.

You will need to pair your new modem with a separate wireless router in order to connect multiple devices to the internet over WiFi. However, I would recommend that you simply buy a new Modem With Built-In WiFi, because it will save you a lot of money and shelf space.

In this case, I would suggest purchasing the new Netgear C7000 because it provides the new AC standard for WiFi already built into the modem. Check It Out Here.

Step #2- Plug The Modem Into The Power & Coax Cable

A) When you get your new modem, just plug in the power cable, and screw in the coax cable from the wall to the modem. At this point you should be able to plug in an Ethernet cable from the modem to your computer and receive a connection. Test this by opening a web browser and a page should appear instructing you to type in your login credentials to authorize your modem.

After that you are all set to go!

Still Not Connected? No problem!

Recommended Option B (takes less than 5 mins)

B) If you have already done everything in Option A and the internet is still not connected, that is not a problem. In some cases, you’ll just need to call into the free Internet Tech Support department and give them the “MAC ID” of your new modem (this is located on the label on the back of the modem). Believe it or not, this takes less than 5 minutes because all you have to do is give them the MAC ID, sit back, and they will do all the work.

After your modem is activated pull up your web browser and type in your login credentials to authorize your internet service.

Now you are all set to go!