Why Buy My Own Modem?

If you are looking at your current Internet service bill, then you have probably noticed that your Internet Service Provider might have just increased your modem lease fee. Some providers are already up to $10 per month. That’s $120 each and every year! That’s $600 in just 5 years!

But wait… it doesn’t stop there. Does your current leased modem have Built-In WiFi? Depending on your provider, you may also be charged an additional $5 “Home WiFi” fee to your plan each month. So in reality you could be paying the $10 modem lease + the $5 “Home WiFi” fee for a total charge of roughly $15 per month. This equates to $180 per year! That’s $900 over 5 years!

That is the exact reason why so many people like yourself are making the wise decision to buy their very own modem.

Can I Buy My Own Modem?

Yes, and when you purchase your own modem that is approved for your Internet service, you eliminate the above charges completely. That’s right, just buy your very own compatible modem or modem with built-in WiFi, and then return your leased modem to one of the provider’s local lobbies down the street. This literally saves you $100’s of dollars over just a few billing cycles.

Let’s be honest, think about your current leased modem right now… How long have you been paying monthly on that old thing? How many times over have you paid off that single piece of equipment? Now ask yourself, why do you keep paying for it? It is old and out dated! So just buy your own brand new modem today and stop leaking out your hard-earned money senselessly each and every month!

Consider for a moment if the tables were turned. Let’s say that right now you have your own purchased modem currently, and I am just a salesman for your current Internet Service Provider. What if I knocked on your door and asked you to return your own modem, and in return you would have to pay me $10 each and every month (potentially forever) for a leased modem? Would you do it?

NO! Of course you wouldn’t! So why are you doing it now?!

Here’s the truth, you are not alone… MILLIONS of current internet customers don’t own their own modem because, maybe just like you, they simply were unaware that they had the option to do so (or perhaps they just thought it might be too complicated to set up). And Big Corporations Bank On This!

But there is good news: YES you CAN buy your own modem, and YES it’s actually really EASY to set up!

Click the “How To” tab for more information on how to install and activate your own compatible modem.